A little boy survives a coma, only to come home and find he isn’t done fighting for his life... Matt’s poisonous friendship with Jake finally throws him over the edge when he answers one last call... After their marriage has crumbled, a desperate wife seeks the help of an old, odd woman to restore the face that was ruined by a car accident and an amateur plastic surgeon. Find these stories and more in this collection of dark science fiction & fantasy from the imagination of an impending bestselling storyteller.

Stories Included: Whirring, He’s You, What About Her, Prankster in the Box, The Gift, Two of the Same Kid, Safe Word

Kate Bross of Thisiswriting.com

After WHIRRING, each story proceeds on a similar basis. A sympathetic character is introduced. A set of unfortunate accidents or mere circumstances has previously befallen this character. Wilcox then distracts the reader’s attention with these relatable issues. Then smack, the main character is swept up in bizarre, paranormal events, and suddenly nothing in these stories is everyday.